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Divorce, also called dissolution of marriage, is the legal process of ending a marriage. Most divorces involve areas of contention regarding specific issues that the spouses do not agree upon. This type of divorce is called a contested divorce. In order for a marriage to become final all issues must be either amicably resolved or ruled upon by the court. An uncontested divorce is when both spouses are able to reach an agreement on all applicable divorce related issues.

Common divorce related issues include, but are not limited to:

Through mediation some or all of the issues that apply to your divorce can be worked out to an amicable resolution. Each area of contention you are able reach an agreement may take the court out of the equation as far as the court being required to make rulings on specific issues.

The court will make a ruling on all divorce related issues that spouses have not been unable to successfully resolve. Depending upon the specific issues at hand the court may have to consider the length of the marriage, the income of both spouses, factors that relate to the best interest of minor children, paternity issues, and any other factors that may relate to a marriage which is coming to an end.

The court will attempt to make all rulings in what they consider to be a fair and reasonable resolution based on the arguments or facts that are presented to the court in the appropriate window provided all parties involved.

Your attorney will ensure your legal rights are protected, that you are provided the best opportunity to amicably resolve issues of contention related to the divorce prior to scheduled hearings, and present your arguments to the court for any issues that cannot be amicably resolved prior to scheduled hearings.

If allegations of misconduct arise that may affect the courts decisions, your attorney will fight to either prove or disprove the validity of said allegations.

In a nutshell, your attorney will fight for your rights and legal needs relating to a divorce from start to finish.

Protect your rights by seeking the legal advice and representation of an experienced Lakeland Divorce Attorney / Lawyer.

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